One of our primary concerns was making the process of registering for IL concealed carry classes as easy, fast and stress-free as possible.  To enroll in one of our upcoming concealed carry certification classes, please select from one of the following course choices:



(Beginner Level)



(Expert Level)



(Complete Course)





Important Information on IL Concealed Carry Classes We at Concealed Carry of Illinois want you to be as comfortable and prepared as possible.  The following information is provided to ensure a safe, productive and successful certification process.
  • Under no circumstances will live ammunition be permitted in the classroom.
  • You are required to bring your own firearm to the range.  If you do not currently own one, rentals will be available on a limited basis.
  • All registrants must provide their own ammo, which will amount to 50 factory-loaded rounds.
  • Paper targets, literature and other course materials will be provided to assist in your training.
  • We ask that, in the event of a cancellation request, please give us at least 48 hours of notice so we may offer your seat to another gun owner.
  • While at the shooting range, proper attire is required at all time.  Please refrain from wearing shorts, open-toe shoes and sandals, sleeveless shirts or tank-tops.
  • Illinois gun ranges require protective goggles and noise-dampening headphones for ear protection.  If you do not own protective ear and/or eyewear, they can be rented for a small fee at the range.
  • If you have more specific questions on registering for Illinois concealed carry classes in the Chicago, please call 1-847-322-6800 to speak directly with one our CCW education specialists.