Registration Now Open for Basic Pistol Class

Course #1 of 2 for Concealed Carry Certification

Valid FOID card holders can now officially register for the Basic Pistol Course, which accounts for half of your Illinois Concealed Carry Permit CCW training and certification.  If you’re a beginner and new to firearms training, this is your first step towards obtaining your concealed carry license in Chicago or Illinois.

Classes Held Most Weekends Throughout Chicagoland

As one of the area's leading and most trusted CCW training centers, Concealed Carry of Illinois is proud to offer beginner firearms classes each weekend in the Chicago suburbs.  Whether you're a new gun owner or simply looking for a way to protect yourself and your loved ones, it all starts with the 8 hour Basic Pistol Safety  course.  Be sure to check our listings regularly for current class schedules and other important information.

Basic Pistol Class Schedule, Saturday & Sunday

Our NRA Basic Pistol Course (for beginners with no firearms training) will begin at 9:00 AM, regardless of which day you sign up for.  This class is the first of two (2) courses needed to obtain your Concealed Carry permit in Illinois.  The Saturday and Sunday classes are identical in curriculum.  Call us if you would like more detailed information on what’s available.

Registration Dates Below ($175/person)