Looking for a unique way to empower your staff and employees?  Keeping in mind that the new IL gun laws will inevitably affect the way you do business, we make it easy to play a role in the education of your complete staff.

Corporate & Workplace Classes / Small Group Concealed Carry Training

Perfect for small businesses, especially those in the private security sector, our instructors specialize in working closely with your small to medium sized staff.  This ensures that each employee receives expressed attention to their questions and needs.

Corporate Firearm Certification Education

Many corporations and large companies are already, and understandably, taking swift measures to prepare for the very real notion of working with staff members who choose to exercise their rights.  At Concealed Carry of Illinois, we provide extensive training, including dedicated firearm safety training for managers & executives, on topics that are exclusive to corporate and business environments.

A Proactive Measures for Illinois’ Businesses     

Regardless of whether you own a restaurant or retail establishment, or oversee the operation of larger companies and corporations, educating your staff on the tenets of guns in the workplace, is something that all responsible and practical businesses should address at some level.

For those companies who wish to play an active role in the education and awareness of firearms in the workplace, Concealed Carry of Illinois will provide the professionalism and expertise of the industry’s finest instructors.

Making it easy to educate your staff…

Our group and corporate firearm safety training, is arguably among the most convenient and economical way to ensure that your team is educated and prepared.  We can tailor a group training course specific to the unique needs of your company or industry, and offer flexible on-site courses that are affordable on practically any budget.

For more information on corporate & group firearm safety training, please call us at 847-322-6800 to speak with one of our representatives.  You can also contact us via e-mail, by sending us a message through our secure contact form.