Here are just a few of the reasons why we're known as providing the best CCW training in the Chicagoland area.

Limited Class Size (12 Students) Yes No
Private Range Time Yes No
NRA Basic Pistol, Books & Materials Yes No
Register Your Class Completion with NRA Yes No
Large Variety of Pistols Brought to Class Yes No
Classes Almost Each Weekend Yes No
Upscale Hotel Location Yes No
Includes Illinois & Florida CCW Yes No

A Better Firearms Training Experience

We've worked hard to develop a concealed carry training class that is unlike anything offered in the Chicago area.  From classes that are held nearly every weekend in upscale hotel locations, to the dedicated class-only range times we reserve for our hands-on training, we're confident that you'll appreciate the efforts we've taken to ensure that your CCW permit training is fun, relaxed and highly rewarding. 

To register for upcoming classes or get more information, please call us at 847-322-6800. We look forward to helping you protect yourself and your loved ones responsibly!