Here at Concealed Carry of Illinois, we’re known for our larger group CCL classes throughout the Chicago area.  Recently however, we have noticed a trend: there has been a substantial demand for private CCL classes in Chicago… smaller, in-home private training sessions for groups of close friends, families, coworkers and many others.

Why Have a Private Concealed Carry Class at Home?

When we received our first request for a private group CCL training class at a client’s house, we thought it was a rare, yet still very practical idea.  Then another request, and another.  Soon it was clear to us that, for many IL gun enthusiasts, this presents the perfect setting for learning the do’s and don’ts of carrying a concealed weapon.

Convenience of Learning at Home

One of the most obvious benefits of booking a private CCL class, is that the class comes to you.  With the exception of the range time, the entire classroom portion of the IL concealed carry course is taught in a setting where you never have to leave, and are at your most comfortable.  You won’t have to sit in any traffic, and if you’re not keen on classroom settings in general, you’ll have the freedom to get your CCL without sacrificing a day or two away from home.

More Interpersonal Setting & Interaction

There’s something very personal and up-close about the small group setting that comes from a private in-home concealed carry training.  You can interact more closely as a tight-knit group, look directly into the instructor’s eyes, and enjoy the comfort of being surrounded by family or close friends.  Additionally, having a CCL class at home allows for the presentation of real life home scenarios, something that can’t be truly mimicked in a classroom setting.

A Great Way to Surprise Your Friends

Can you imagine the look of thrilled surprise, when you announce to your friends or family that an NRA-certified master instructor is on their way over right now, to provide the training needed to apply for an Illinois CCL permit?  If you and your colleagues need a break from poker or video gaming night, this is a sure fire way to surprise the group while getting one step closer to keeping your loved ones safe.

Schedule Your Private Concealed Carry Class

If you’re in the Chicago area and are interested in learning more about private group CCL training, call Concealed Carry of Illinois LLC at 847-322-6800.