For those who have completed their basic firearms safety and concealed carry training, it can be easy to assume that you’ve done everything you need to do.  As many have learned, though, staying up-to-date on your training is just as important as getting your permit.  Over time you may retain many of the basics, but like anything, practice does indeed make perfect. 

At Concealed Carry of Illinois, we believe that it’s essential to continually practice what you’ve learned in the classroom.  You never know when those skills will be put to the test, so here are a few ways to keep yourself ready.


Home Practice Techniques

As we discuss in our classes, it’s important to never let your basic firearm skills get rusty.  One of the best ways to maintain and continually improve your technique is to practice the essentials at home with an unloaded pistol.  This includes practicing your stance, draw, grip, aim and squeeze, in addition to becoming more acclimated to the feel of a firearm and building your confidence throughout the entire process.


Continued or Advanced Training

For those who opted to take the 8-hour basic firearm safety class, you may want to consider completing your training with the concealed carry course.  This is also an 8-hour course and is designed to not only help you obtain your permit, but also to prepare you for how to react in real life situations.  If you’ve been thinking about this, you can read more about the benefits of completing Day 2 of the course here.   


Private Range Time

Going to the shooting range is a great way to hone your firing skills, but for those looking to take their expertise to the next level, private range time is strongly recommended.  During a private range session, you’ll have the opportunity to work one-on-one with an NRA-certified firearms instructor.  This provides you with the opportunity to ask questions as they arise, in addition to receiving personalized pointers based on your particular firearm, shooting style and other factors.


Learn More About Developing Your Firearm Skills

Whether you’re a returning student or brand new to firearms ownership, we want to make sure that you have all the information and training needed to own and operate a gun safely and responsibly.  And as the leading provider of concealed carry classes in the Chicago area, we offer all the tools you need to get there.

Read more about our complete offering of classes and range time options on our website, or call Concealed Carry of Illinois LLC today at 847-322-6800.