As Illinois residents continue to become acclimated to the notion of concealed carry laws, more and more people are making the decision to get trained for their CCW permit.  Of course, such a significant decision comes with more than its fair share of curiosities.  How much will classes cost?  How long does the process take?  And most common, what will I be expected to do in order to apply for my permit?    

We thought it would be helpful to provide a brief snapshot of the full 16-hour IL Concealed Carry training curriculum to help you prepare for classes, or in making the decision to get the state-required training.

Day One:  NRA Basic Pistol Safety

For students who are brand new to the concept of firearms, day one will be spent getting you completely familiarized and comfortable with a pistol.  The NRA Basic Pistol course is a thorough yet fun way to learn the fundamentals of gun ownership, such as but not limited to: proper firearms storage methods, handling, cleaning and maintenance, and many other vital topics.  Our CCW classes offer smaller classroom sizes to promote a better learning experience, and more one-on-one interaction with the instructor.        

Day Two, Part 1:  Illinois Concealed Carry Training

As Day 1 wraps and Day 2 gets underway, the classroom will become more hands on and group interactive as you dig deeper into the essentials of concealed carry.  During this session you will learn proper holster and draw techniques, in addition to scenario-based demonstrations on identifying threats, dealing with law enforcement while driving and carrying, traveling and more.  This section of the class will serve as an excellent opportunity to ask questions and get practical, real life expertise from our NRA-certified instructors.

Day 2, Part 2:  Firing Range Training & Exam 

The third and final segment of your IL CCW classes will shift things from the classroom to the firing range, where you'll have a chance to practice what you've learned over the past two days.  Instructors will work with you one on one to help you practice loading and unloading a pistol, as well as aim, control, trigger squeeze and how to compensate for blowback.  At the end of the session you'll be given a basic skills test, which involves shooting at a target from distances of 5, 7 and 10 yards away (10 rounds per distance test).

More Questions About Getting Your IL Concealed Carry Permit?

At Concealed Carry of Illinois we love hearing from those interested in applying for their IL CCW permit.  For more information on our classes or to speak with an instructor, call us at 847-322-6800 or write to us in confidence through our website contact page.  We take great pride in being one of the most trusted Chicago firearms training classes, and look forward to helping you on your path to increased personal protection and peace-of-mind.