By now there are more than a few Concealed Carry class graduates, as more and more residents and gun enthusiasts are becoming educated on the requirements needed to apply for their CCL permit. And while the process of getting training is otherwise straight forward, there are still some issues that have yet to reach the mainstream, and just as many that will eventually become fundamental debates, we believe.

How are IL Concealed Carry Laws Enforced?

The questions are boundless: Where can you carry a concealed pistol in Chicago? Can I carry anywhere, or only in specified areas? Are there places where carrying is strictly prohibited? What are the consequences of carrying without a valid Illinois CCL? So many questions and January 1st is only a stone’s throw away.

Let’s take a look at a couple of the more pressing questions, when it comes to the legal and responsible gun owner who is planning and preparing to exercise their 2nd Amendment right. Of course, this is just a short list. A full spectrum of topics will be covered in the more reputable Concealed Carry courses.

How Will the Laws Change Regarding Illinois Concealed Carry?

Until now, the charge for unlawfully using a firearm has been a Class A Misdemeanor for first-time offenders, and a more serious Class 3 Felony for repeat offenders. Once IL residents are allowed to carry, however, these longstanding laws will be subject to what are called penalty enhancements, essentially increases the severity of the charge. For example, first-time offenders charged with unlawful firearm use, will now be hit with a Class 4 Felony, while subsequent violators are being bumped up to Class 2 Felonies.

For reasons that are all too obviously, if you have ever been charged with any type of firearms violation, you will absolutely want to make sure you never stray from the regulations. This is a classic case of, with more freedom comes more responsibility.

Where Will I be Allowed to Carry Concealed in IL?

The rules on where a concealed piece can and cannot be carried, are in accordance with many other state laws. In keeping with our previous explanation of law changes, there will be strict regulations about carrying in and near schools, government buildings and facilities, public housing, mass transit areas and many others. Of all of these, many parents have already voiced concerns about not being able to carry while dropping-off and picking-up their children from school… a place where sadly too many senseless shootings have occurred at the hands of people who were anything but responsible gun owners.

Again, this list is far from complete. In order to gain a true and thorough understanding of where carry is permitted, you can expect an in-depth discussion of the topic on Day-2 of your classroom training.

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