One of the most important things you can do before signing up for a concealed carry class, is to know exactly what you’re signing up for.  Illinois’s decision to allow CCW permits resulted in more than a few people jumping on the training bandwagon, and this makes it important to have a clear understanding of what to expect from the class, the instructors and other important considerations.

We’ve listed a few of the most important questions to ask, to ensure that your concealed carry permit training is a safe, informative and rewarding experience.

Where are Classes Held?

Finding out the specific location of your classes is paramount.  One of the ways some less-than-credible companies maximize their per-class profits, is by skimping on training location costs.  This could mean renting out an old warehouse, borrowing a colleague’s basement, or conducting classes at a local VFW.  The last thing you’ll want to do, is find yourself driving through a neighborhood that is either unsafe or unfamiliar to you.  Make sure that you know exactly where classes are being held before making your decision.

What are the Credentials of the Instructors?

CCW and firearms safety instructors are required to undergo an extensive series of training and certification before they earn to right to instruct others.  In the very unfortunate event that they were to forego this process, it could affect you in a number of significant ways.  For starters, you might not learn a thing about proper CCW tactics.  Second, and even more concerning,  your training would likely be deemed completely void.

What Happens if My Class is Canceled?

Cancellation polices are something you should absolutely familiarize yourself with prior to enrolling in a Chicago concealed carry class.  In some cases, the company is expecting an enrollment of 25-30 students, though only 4-5 sign up.  In order to avoid the loss, the class is cancelled and you’re left with the burden of trying to get your money back.  Even worse, you’re then right back at the starting point of looking for a new CCW class to enroll in.

How is Range Training Coordinated?

There have been horror stories about how some concealed carry classes handle the shooting range portion of their training.  In one situation we heard of, the range was located close to 70 miles from the classroom… with no transportation provided.  Many others do not block off dedicated range time for their students–ultimately forcing those who are brand new to firearms to learn side-by-side among wise-cracking lifelong gun enthusiasts.  The mark of a truly respectable CCW class is one that blocks off private range time for only their class, and this is something you might not learn without asking in advance.

Looking for a Safe, Comfortable CCW Training Experience in Chicago?

At Concealed Carry of Illinois LLC, we have gone to exhaustive lengths to provide the very best CCW permit training in the Chicagoland area.  Our classes are taught by highly-respected NRA Master Instructors, and held in upscale hotels throughout the Chicago suburbs and north shore area.  Additionally, we offer dedicated range time for our students, free ongoing range time for returning students, and keep our classes limited to a 12 person maximum.

To sign up for an upcoming class or learn why we’re the best choice for getting your CCW permit in Chicago, call Concealed Carry of Illinois LLC today at 847-322-6800.