Since it was first announced that Illinois had passed the necessary measures needed to legalize concealed carry, there has been a frenzy of information appearing all over the internet. Unfortunately, a concerning percentage of what is posted, read and shared is far from accurate. Some people have stated that it’s as easy as filling out a few forms, while others claim that you need weeks and weeks of extensive training; both of which are incorrect.

The truth is that, yes, you will need to complete either one or two days of classroom training, in addition to training and testing at an approved firing range. Fortunately, many people will be able to take just one course – provided they have already successfully passed the NRA Basic Pistol Safety class. We’ll get into that in more detail, later.

In this article we’re going to examine the differences between the two classes needed to obtain you IL Concealed Carry License.

Understanding the Classes Needed for Your Illinois CCL Permit

One of the most frequently-asked questions we receive here at Concealed Carry of Illinois LLC, is which particular courses a resident will be required to take, in order to get their Illinois CCL permit. In short, if you’ve already had gun safety training from a respectable institution or organization (such as the NRA, IL State Police, US Military or others) you may be able to skip day one of the two-day course.

Of course, there is some definite gray area here. The exact list of applicable training and certifications has not yet been finalized, though we will have it posted on our website as soon as it is. If you’re curious as to whether your specific training qualifies, contact us via phone and we will find out for you.

The Two Types of Classes for IL Concealed Carry
The requirements, class curriculum and timeline of events is determined by the state of Illinois, and not something we have any control over. Like you, we’re simply following along at this completely new system gradually reveals itself to us and all responsible gun owners in Illinois. Here is a brief overview of the two different classes offered, on the path to obtaining your Illinois Concealed Carry license and certification.

NRA Basic Pistol Safety Classes
This class is designed to educate those new to firearms and pistol safety, on the most safe and proper ways to care for, store and use your pistol. For Illinois residents who wish to protect themselves and their loved ones, but do not have any experience with gun safety or operation, this is an extremely helpful and informative course. It lasts approximately 8 hours, and in most cases is completed in one day. The course consists of both classroom and range time, and will allow to then take the IL State Concealed Carry course.

IL State Concealed Carry Classes
As the more advanced of the two classes, this course deals exclusively with the laws, techniques and options available for carrying a concealed weapon in Illinois. Successfully passing the NRA Basic Pistol class (or other approved training) is required before you can enroll in the dedicated concealed carry course, A full spectrum of topics will be covered in this class, including:

  • Where you may and may not carry a pistol
  • Proper methods for concealing your weapon
  • Techniques on drawing your pistol under threat
  • Do’s and Don’ts of IL concealed carry
  • Laws and penalties for violation of CCL regulations
  • Range time & advanced accuracy training & testing

Regardless of which class or classes you take, we’re confident that you will find them to be fun, informative and highly-educational. At Concealed Carry of Illinois LLC, we use only the industry’s leading NRA-Certified instructors, and offer classes throughout Illinois and the Chicago area for your convenience.

If you’d like to register for one of our upcoming classes, or are interested in learning more about obtaining you CCL permit in Illinois, contact us directly at 847-322-6800. We’re happy to answer your questions, provide additional information, or help you get registered over the phone.