By now, it's safe to assume that most Illinois residents are at least somewhat familiar with the availability of concealed carry training so close to home.  For many ,however, this can conjure up some images that have nothing to do with responsible firearms ownership.  Because until you've actually taken a CCW class, you're at the expense of your own imagination when it comes to understanding what gun safety classes really entail.

Choosing the Best Concealed Carry Training in IL

What most people don’t realize, is that IL concealed carry classes are in no way limited to classroom settings.  Let's review the little-known and unknown options that exist for those looking to apply for a CCW permit in Illinois.

Classroom CCW Training

As the method of training familiar to most, traditional concealed carry classes are held to accommodate groups of students in one convenient and affordable setting.  They vary in location and classroom size, and range in price based on many factors, including: the safety of the location, instructor experience, materials provided, inclusion of range time, student/instructor ratio and more.

Less expensive classes are generally quite crowded, done in a lecture format and do not include range training expenses or classroom materials; something we at Concealed Carry of Illinois LLC offer complementary for each student.

In-home Concealed Carry Training

For those who are unable, unwilling or uncomfortable attending a group CCW class, some firearms training companies offer private in-home concealed carry training for families and small groups.  They are a bit more expensive, though you'll have the freedom to never leave the home while learning how to store, maintain and operate a firearm decisively and responsibly.

To the best of our knowledge, we're among the very few NRA master instructors offering complete one and two-day in-home CCW training for private parties in the Chicago area.  For those interested in an even more personalized firearms safety and concealed carry training experience, private one-on-one classes are available for an additional fee.

Workplace & Corporate CCW Classes

Business owners have voiced many concerns over the Illinois concealed carry laws, and just as many are taking proactive measures to make sure their employees are safe and knowledgeable.  For some, this means slapping a "no concealed carry" sticker on their store window and hoping for the best.  Others, though, are holding on-site group CCW classes for their staff and corporate employees.

In these classes, employees are trained on how to responsibly handle the possibility of guns in the workplace, employees who exercise their right to carry, and what to do in emergency or hostile situations.  Read more about corporate firearms safety training in Chicago.

The Best Selection of Quality CCW Classes in Chicago

Regardless of you're looking for a traditional classroom or a small, private setting, Concealed Carry of Illinois LLC is pleased to offer among the most comprehensive selections of CCW certification classes in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.

To learn more about applying for your IL concealed carry permit or our upcoming CCW classes, call us today at 847-322-6800 for complete details and answers to your questions.