Concealed carry is now a very functional and very real part of living in Illinois and throughout the Chicago area.  As a result, business owners are taking greater measures to educate their staff on how the new laws may affect their role and responsibilities, and moreover how to work comfortably in an environment that's still brand new to all of Illinois' residents and businesses.

Banning Concealed Carry from Your Business

In this article we'll explore a few of the key issues surrounding the topic of concealed carry firearms in the workplace, before presenting an overview of corporate concealed carry training classes being offered to help educate and protect employees.

It's been made very clear that concealed firearms are not allowed in a wide range of public places, such as near schools, government facilities, post offices, etc.  As a business owner, you have the right to deny entry or service to anyone carrying a concealed pistol.  If you believe that this is the best measure for your company, then you will need to make sure that the signs you display are approved, and using the correct wording according to the IL State police. 

We've included a link to their signage info page. 

Staff, Management & Guest Protection

As an added means of protection, the owner of a business may carry a concealed firearm even if he or she does not allow patrons to conceal.  This is of course subject to them obtaining their IL CCW permit after completing the 16-hour concealed carry class.  The signs will still need to be displayed in clear view, though the business owner is not required to announce that they and/or their staff may be carrying.   

Educating Your Employees on CCW Laws  

Regardless of where you stand on the issue of carrying a concealed gun in Illinois, if you run a business you're going to need to speak with your staff about this--and probably in substantial length.  We understand that this is a sensitive subject for all those involved.  If you're uncomfortable or not sure how to speak with your staff about guns, we strongly recommend working with a professional firearms instructor who can guide the process.  

Firearms Safety Training for Chicago Businesses  

Interested in having an expert come to your facility to educate the staff on how to adjust to Illinois' new concealed carry laws?  Call us today at 847-322-6800 or e-mail us to learn more about this unique service and how it can help ensure a safer, more enjoyable experience at your company.