As a company that routinely checks in on what our competition is offering, we’ve learned that not all concealed carry permit training classes are the same. If you’ve been considering registering with one of the many discount CCW permit classes, it’s important to have complete information in order to make a truly informed decision.

What Makes Our Chicago CCW Classes Stand Apart

Here are just a few of the traits which make Concealed Carry of Illinois your best choice for firearms and CCW training in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.

Low Student-to-Instructor Ratio

Discount CCW classes are designed to attract and fill as many seats as humanly possible. Unfortunately, this puts you in the uncomfortable position of potentially having little-to-no personal interaction with your instructor. Our approach is more personable. By keeping our classes limited to 10-12 students at a time, you’ll be able to interact with your instructors in a more educationally-beneficial way. This includes hands-on demonstration of how firearms should be held, loaded, aimed, fired, drawn and other crucial aspects of proper and responsible concealed carry.

Private Firing Range Time

If you’re new to gun ownership, concealed carry or practicing your shooting techniques, going to the range for the first time can be a bit intimidating. Some CCW classes schedule their range time at hours when non-students and recreational shooters are there for leisure or brushing up. At Concealed Carry of Illinois, we block off dedicated range times for just our students. This allows you to be free of the added pressure of jokes, comments or unwanted and intimidating stares, while allowing you to focus on developing your aim and firing skills.

Free Shooting Practice for Returning Students

If there’s one thing that our returning students rave most about, it’s that we allow them to join the current class for Sundays at the shooting range, at no charge to them. Try getting this from one of the bargain-basement concealed carry classes. What this means is that once you’ve taken our class, you can come to the range for free on any future Sunday when we’re holding classes. It’s one of many ways that we strive to differentiate our services, while proving that we’re genuinely committed to promoting better and more responsible gun owners.

Upscale Training & Classroom Location

There’s a reason why some CCW training companies don’t talk about their classrooms in too much detail. We’ve seen a few for our own eyes and heard just as many horror stories. If you’re not keen on the notion of learning in an industrial park or someone’s basement, we offer a much more clean, safe and comfortable setting. All of our classroom training sessions are conducted at upscale hotels throughout the Chicago suburbs, complete with water and refreshments, on-site restaurants for lunch, comfortable, padded seating, and instructors who are 100% attentive to your needs.

Ensuring a Superior CCW Training Experience in Chicago

Making the decision to apply for your Illinois CCW license is one that will affect your life in many ways, and it should not be taken lightly. Making a decision based solely on price could be one that you end up regretting in years to come. Concealed Carry of Illinois LLC offers high-quality training from world-class instructors that will last you a lifetime.

For more information on what makes our experience so unique, we invite you to call us at 847-322-6800 or Contact Us via our website to speak with our staff or instructors. They’ll be happy to answer your questions and let you know exactly what you can, and should, expect from a qualified firearms training organization.