Googling the phrase ‘CCW classes in Chicago’ brings up some interesting results.  There are those offering concealed carry training for under $100, others with instructors telling tales of their wartime heroics, and just as many bragging about the number of states in which they offer permits.  By the time most law-abiding gun owners make it to the end of page one, they’re too mentally drained to care who trains them.  This can be a costly mistake on many levels.

Here’s why:  We’ve heard horror stories about some of the discount CCW classes, where people end up driving to unfamiliar industrial locations, or having to sit on cold, metal folding chairs for 8-16 hours.  Then there are those who’ve had to deal with instructors who, while very well-versed in firearms, may have never taught a class in their life.

What Sets Concealed Carry of Illinois Apart?

We’ve taken great measures to offer IL CCW classes in Chicagoland that are safe, informative and as rewarding as possible.  Here are just a few reasons why we’ve become one of the most trusted concealed carry classes among families and firearms enthusiasts alike:

Upscale Training & Class Environment

As a company who cares immensely about your experience, we hold all of our CCW training classes at upscale hotels throughout the Chicago area.  Not only does this afford you with a much higher level of comfort and convenience, it more importantly offers you the safety and protection you’re looking for.  The reality is that many of our students are new to guns, and the prospect of driving to a neighborhood they’re not familiar with, in a location that may or may not be safe is not all that appealing.  We eliminate that fear by holding classes in settings that are secure, well-staffed and amply accommodated.

Moreover, we limit our class sizes to ensure that no one feels left out.  On average, our classes are under 20 students at a time, allowing you to interact more closely with the instructors.  We also bring a wide range of unloaded firearms to each class for students to examine and use during their marksmanship and range training.  This ensures that you’ll be able to hold, use and learn more about the various types of guns, calibers, sizes and designs which exist, to determine which one is ideal for your needs and skillset.

Legal Knowledge & Marksmanship Training

Safety encompasses more than merely the building where you receive your training,  as it’s just as important to understand the legal and marksmanship aspects of carrying a concealed weapon.  One of the key tenets of our class is making sure that you walk away knowing the law in complete detail, including where concealed firearms can and can’t be carried, how they should be transported, and what to do if you’re carrying while being pulled over for a routine traffic stop.

One of the most predominant focuses of our classes is marksmanship.  Simply carrying a gun on your person won’t, by itself, keep you safe.  You need to know how to draw it, hold it, aim it, fire it, and other fundamental actions.  Our classes go into great detail on the proper way to not only carry, but how to use your gun responsibly and effectively in life-threatening situations.

Private Range Time & Free Ongoing Training

One of the things we’re passionate about, is the ongoing education of our students.  With this in mind we conduct all range and target training at a private 10-lane range setting, freeing you of the pressure you might experience at a range where it seems others are watching or judging you.  Also, and we believe that this is completely unique to our classes, we openly invite past students to join us at future range training Sunday sessions.  In addition to building rapport, it allows those we’ve taught in the past to continue improving their shooting and marksmanship skills, while meeting other local firearms enthusiasts.

In the spirit of honesty, we know that there are a lot of people and companies out there offering concealed carry classes in Chicago.  Just remember that you have a choice, and like anything in life, you truly get what you pay for.  With us there are no hidden fees, no surprises and no threats to your safety, comfort or ability to learn.

If you’d like to know more about our upcoming CCW classes, call us at 847-322-6800, or sign up online using our secure registration page.