If you’re a firearms enthusiast who resides in the state of Illinois… even if you’re not, but still want to protect yourself and loved ones, you’ve probably considered taking the Illinois CCL Firearms Training Course.  Understandably, especially for those new to handguns, you may be wondering what the course and training consists of.

In this article we’re going to look at what you can expect from Concealed Carry classes in Illinois.  Whether you’re a new gun owner or a seasoned expert, we think you’ll find the course to be as fun and engaging, as it is informative and beneficial.

Basic Firearms Safety

It’s understandable that everyone wants to jump right into the concealed carry section, but there a few key topics that must be covered before you start working on your draw and shooting techniques.  The very first thing you’ll learn during the class is how to properly handle and store a pistol.  This includes a thorough discussion on home gun storage, as well as how they should be stored when traveling, and finally options on public storage for pistols and firearms.

Caring, Cleaning & Loading a Pistol

Before you can begin protecting yourself or your family, it’s crucial that you have a firm understanding of handguns; how they work, the various types of firearms (revolvers, semi-automatic, etc.), the components and mechanisms that make them work, and other fundamental aspects of gun ownership.  During this section of the course, you’ll be instructed on safe and proper ways to care for your firearm, how to load and unload it, cleaning products, protocols and more.  Additionally, you’ll be introduced to the various types of ammunition, and how to go about selecting the right caliber for your defense needs.

Pistol Marksmanship Overview

The marksmanship portion of the class is where things really begin to get hands-on from a protection perspective.  In this section, you’ll be taught how to properly and effectively grip a pistol, while developing correct and comfortable stance, trigger control, sight alignment, sight picture and more.  The purpose of this training is to prepare you for real-life scenarios where your personal safety may be jeopardized, while making sure that you’re confident handling a gun under such circumstances.

State and Federal Laws & Compliance

Once you get into the Concealed Carry training portion of the class, you’ll be instructed on the finer points of the law, including rules on interacting with law enforcement officers while carrying or transporting a firearm, areas where firearms may not be carried in public, and the FOID Act.  This will include an in-depth discussion and training on use of force when defending yourself, personal property (be it yours or others), and what legally constitutes unlawful use of force with a firearm.

Weapons Handling Training

The final phase of your CCL training will focus exclusively on proper & advanced firearms handing tactics.  A portion of this will be conducted in the classroom, using dry practice runs that focus on handgun fundamentals and techniques, such as drawing and aiming your pistol from the concealed position.

From there, it’s off to the firing range for training and practice firing live rounds.  Just as you did with the classroom practice rounds, you’ll perform similar maneuvers only this time with live ammunition.  Once you’ve passed this section of the course, you’ll have all the training needed to apply for your IL concealed carry license.

One of the true benefits of taking CCL classes with Concealed Carry of Illinois, is the smaller group sizes we offer.  This allows our NRA-Certified instructors to provide more interpersonal tips and practical advice on everything from cleaning and loading, to stance and firing techniques.