The historic legislation which will allow Illinois residents to carry a concealed firearm, has but one question buzzing the minds of responsible IL and Chicago area gun owners:  When will concealed classes start, and how do I sign up.  Okay, so maybe two questions.  Regardless, there’s no denying the excitement that has been generated around the repeal of this grossly-overdue law.

As of the time of this writing, the IL State concealed carry curriculum is in its final stages of approval, sign-off and distribution.  We can confidently announce that (drumroll please) IL concealed carry courses will begin on October 5th 2013.

The First Steps in Getting Your Concealed Carry Permit

Long before you can enjoy the freedom of protecting yourself and loved ones in Illinois, you’ll need to complete the appropriate firearm training courses.  If you’re an experienced shooter with certification of prior gun education, you will only need to take a one-day 8 hour course; dedicated exclusively to concealed carry.

For everyone else, including those who have little to no shooting range or firearm experience, the very first thing you need to do is apply for your Illinois FOID card.  Here’s a link to the .  FOID is short for Firearms Owners Identification, and is something you will need to keep on your person at all time, and especially whenever carrying a concealed firearm.

Do I Need a FOID Card for Concealed Carry Training?

We strongly advise that you have your FOID card prior to taking classes, simply because a significant portion of your training will be conducted at an approved shooting range.  Each range may have their own policies on who enters, and the last thing you want is to not be allowed in.  Once you’ve received your card (or if you already have one), you can then register for the two-day 16 hour firearm safety classes.  More information is available in the FAQ section of our website.

Where are Concealed Carry Classes Being Held?

At Concealed Carry of Illinois, we understand that not everyone wants to travel great distances to become educated on gun and firearm safety.  That’s why we’re offering classes at a variety of locations throughout Chicago, the North Shore, the Western suburbs and others to come.  If you’d like information on the location nearest you, please e-mail us or check back on our site regularly.

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