When the news broke that Illinois citizens would, after so many years of extensive debate, protest and political action, be able to legally carry a concealed firearm, it was well known that firearms safety classes would be an important prerequisite. This in itself sparked even more questions: How do I get my IL concealed carry permit? Where are pistol basics classes held? Which tests do I need to take if I’m an experienced shooter… and this is just a sampling of questions we hear every day.

Since this is a completely new concept to so many responsible Illinois citizens, we wanted to help clarify some information, regarding the IL concealed carry classes needed to obtain one’s IL CCL card.

How do I get my IL concealed carry permit?

This one is by far on the minds of more responsible Illinois gun owners than perhaps any other. Fortunately, the process is actually a lot of fun… provided you enroll in the right class. The very first step on your way to constitutional freedom is getting you Illinois FOID card (Firearm owner identification). If you don’t have it, you can start the process here. If you already have a valid IL FOID card, you’re one step ahead of the game. From there, you can enroll in the NRA Basic Pistol Safety course… the next step on your way to obtaining your IL concealed carry license.

Which tests do I need to take to obtain a CCL permit in Illinois?

The specific concealed carry courses you will be required to pass, will depend heavily on how much prior pistol safety training, and/or certifications you have. This is most applicable to any active or retired military, former police, security professionals and other groups. If you have none of these, you will be taking the full 16-hour safety & concealed carry course. If you’re an expert (and can prove it, legally) you will likely only need to take a one day 8-hour course.

Where are Chicago pistol basics classes held?

From what we’ve gathered over the years, the most popular firearms safety & certification classes are offered at regions far outside the greater Chicago area. This includes the far southern, northern & western suburbs, as well as mid-, central and downstate locations. At Concealed Carry of Illinois LLC, we began offering official NRA Pistol Safety classes, in addition to IL Concealed Carry certification throughout Chicago in September of 2013.

If you’re confused on what the first step needed to get your Concealed Carry license in the Chicago area, call us to get registered today. We offer classes in a wide range of Chicagoland locations, including the north shore, the western and northern suburbs, the Loop and others. Our courses fill rapidly though we do have a limited number of seats available, for both our 1-day advanced class, as well as our 2-day class for beginner pistol training. Register now on our secure website, or get more information by calling us at 847-322-6800.