Regardless of where you stand on all the madness taking palace in today's world, there's one thing we can all undoubtedly agree on… it's getting pretty scary out there.  It has become all but impossible to turn on the news without hearing about the latest mass shooting, hate crime or overseas threat to our liberties.  And yet, there are still those in positions of power who believe that the best resolve, is to strip the public of their right to keep and bear arms.  The term ass-backwards comes to mind.

If anything, there should be a push for more responsible, law-abiding citizens to come out of the shadows and exercise their Constitutional rights.  Getting your Illinois concealed carry permit is fast, fun and one of the most rewarding ways to protect and defend yourself or your loved ones.

IL Concealed Carry Classes for All Experience Levels

It's understandable that some are skeptical about signing up for concealed carry permit classes.  It's a big move, we get it.  At Concealed Carry of Illinois we offer a wide range of firearm safety classes to accommodate gun owners of all skillsets and experience levels.  Our complete 2-Day CCW Course is ideal for those brand new to firearms, while our 1-Day Concealed Carry Course can help expedite the process for those with military, police or other related credentials.

Qualified Firearms Instructors with Vast Experience

You can take us at our word when we tell you what a difference the right instructor can make.  There are plenty of amateurs out there who jumped on the bandwagon when Illinois made concealed carry legal, and you ultimately get what you pay for.  Our CCW classes are taught by NRA Master Instructors with decades of professional experience, in classrooms that are deliberately kept small for more interpersonal one-on-one and group interaction.

In-home CCW Classes and Corporate Firearm Safety

Are you a head of household who would like to schedule a private in-home CCW training class for family, friends or neighbors?  Or maybe a proactive business owner who's looking to educate staff on the new laws regarding firearms in the workplace.  If you're not comfortable with a classroom setting, there are actually several ways to go about getting your Illinois CCW permit.  At Concealed Carry of Illinois we've developed a broad spectrum of options, including traditional classroom and at-home group classes, as well as on-site employee training groups.

Learn More and Get Your IL Concealed Carry Permit

For more information on the many advantages of getting your IL concealed carry license, call us at 847-322-6800, or visit our Upcoming Classes page to find the location and date closest to you.