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NT Chicago, IL - May 1, 2016

I very much enjoyed the concealed carry course and left feeling confident in handling a handgun. Brian is a professional with true passion for his work. I was impressed by his enthusiasm and his personalized attention. His knowledge and skill make him a valuable resource. The small class size was nice, the onsite fingerprinting option expedited the permit process, and the hotel location made for a comfortable day.

Ryan Melrose Park, IL - Apr 30, 2016

Private Training - I couldn't have asked for a better and more thorough instruction. I took my time researching private instruction due to my demanding professional schedule and Concealed Carry of Illinois immediately became my choice. Brian was beyond accommodating offering the fabulous flexibility I required meeting me at different locations tailored to my convenience. More than the ease of getting together for instruction and Brian's understanding of an occasional interruption for my handling of quick business he was an unparalleled expert on everything I needed to know. His general coursework is so refined and to the important points it truly becomes interesting instead of the nauseating boredom I anticipated. Beyond the comprehensive standard instruction with the private instruction Brian really took time to not just go into great detail on questions I posed but also really analized my personal circumstances and offered so much great advice and more detailed explanations of legal circumstances and examples. He also was incredible with his technical expertise regarding everything from carry methods, specialty holsters, and general concealment and comfort tactics. This was far beyond even that I think he could do in the classroom because of the time he had to understand not just my firearm selection but how I normally dress, what I do for work, where I go, and how I generally live day to day. It's sounds like silly stuff until you start carrying and realize how many steps were saved in trying different methods and such. The private instruction may not be for everyone but I would honestly say that for how fair he actually was with his fees if you think it sounds even remotely appealing PLEASE consider it seriously and spend the extra couple bucks because you will be so comfortable, informed, and ready to go you'll think you can start instructing. This is serious stuff and I don't think there's another company or instructor in Illinois that can prepare you better than Brian and concealed carry of Illinois.

Jack K Bannockburn, IL - Apr 29, 2016

Brian took what could have been a VERY dry course and livened it up with anedotal stories of real life situations... some good, others bad. GREAT job, Brian, I'd definitely recommend you!

Aaron C Chicago, IL - Apr 27, 2016

Brian was a great instructor.  The 2 day class went by pretty quickly and I learned quite a bit.  I would recommend this class for anyone looking to get their CCOL.

Ted Raad Elmhurst, IL - Mar 21, 2016

This class was perfect.  I feel very knowledgeable about the laws and what to do as a conceal and carry license holder both to protect myself physically and legally.  While I'm sure you can learn these things anywhere, Brian made it very enjoyable and filled with discussion versus didactic and boring training.  The two days flew by.  Also, some simple corrections to my grip, stance and aim led to significant improvement in accuracy.  Thanks Brian.

Dale L Evanston, IL - Mar 21, 2016

Brian was absolutely great. I learned a great deal in the class. Brian was very patient with our questions and he was very knowledgeable. I definitely would  tell anyone to take the course as well as the firearms training. 

Vince F IL - Mar 10, 2016

Brian did a terrific job in the 2 day concealed carry class I took in Northbook. The Classroom was very comfortable, and the materials Brian used were helpful and educational.  I had no experience with pistols before the concealed carry class, and was a bit intimidated at the beginning (there was a wide range of expeirience in the class).  Brian took the time to get me comfortable handling, and respecting,  pistols in the classroom.  At the range, Brian was very helpful in recommending an appropriate pistol for me, and ensuring I understood all aspects of handling, and shooting, the pistol.  Brian did a great job with increasing my level of confidence and accuracy . I highly recommend the class to all levels (including my spouse).   Thank you!

George Kat Winnetka,IL, IL - Feb 29, 2016

Brian Was an outstanding instructor.  The course was concise and was extremely detailed.  The 16 hours class is perfect for beginners and experts alike.  Brian was attentive to all students and he was very patient.  I feel very comfortable with the knowledge that I learned.  Fantastic Job Thanks Brian I will definetly take more of your upcoming advanced classes.

Rene Sanchez BERWYN, IL - Feb 17, 2016

This course was absolutely amazing. Paul was an awesome instructor who thoroughly explained and taught, both 8hour days, in such a comfortable manner. He's definitely the guy I'd call if I needed any tips. I highly recommend the Concealed Carry of Illinois to anyone who is looking to take theirs.

Mark Chicago, IL - Feb 11, 2016

Brian runs a great course. I took the 16 hour weekend course in November 2015 to obtain my concealed carry license. As promised, I recieved my CCL in a little over a month. The classes were easy, fun, convenient and informative. Brian gave me a number of tips at the range and within a few weeks, using his instructions, I'm shooting 3 inch groups at 10 yards 80% of the time. Prior to his course, the last time I had fired a gun was over 30 years ago. In short, I highly recommend his course if you are wanting to obtain your CCL or just get a refresher on handgun use and safety.

Tom S. Evanston, IL - Jan 26, 2016

Our instructor, Brian, helped  my wife and me throughly enjoy this engaging and most informative concealed carry 16 hour class. Despite our limited background with firearms, Brian instilled our confidence and removed any intimidation we had about handling a firearm. We had fun and learned alot and were stimulated to  advance our understanding of the many issues involved with gun safety and concealed carry. Brian's excellent professionalism and personal concern for helping us while shooting on the range convinced us that we had the best training possible.

Ty Helms Chicago, IL - Jan 25, 2016

Brian was a fantastic instructor. The class was very hands on and fun.  He was very knowledgeable on all related topics and was not intimidating to new and inexperienced gun owners.  I have been through the NRA basic training before to register my firearm in Chicago (when that was required) and this class was so much better....I learned a ton.  I would highly recommend this class and especially Brian as an instructor.  

Stephen S Oak Lawn, IL - Jan 25, 2016

Brian did a great job.  Great focus on safety and creating habits to safely comply with the law of Illinois

Cathy Wimette, IL - Jan 20, 2016

Brian your class was amazing, I’m extremely pleased by how the whole day went. There is definitely a lot to learn but you made it easy and not overwhelming.. At the range you definitely made everyone feel safe and comfortable .Being someone whom has never shot a gun Before you had great patients. You made it understandable and took your time with every individual. The bonus of being able to have ones finger print done in class was extremely helpful. Thank you, Cathy

larry wheeling, IL - Jan 20, 2016

Brian is a great instructor, not only did I learn things that I thought I already knew, he teaches you everything you need to know, and finishes the class with style at the shooting range! This class is highly recommended if you want to carry!

Alex L Deerfield, IL - Jan 19, 2016

Thank you Brian! I enjoyed it very much! Very professional !

Learned a lot!

JERRY W. SKOKIE, IL - Dec 2, 2015

Taking my concealed carry class with Brian of Concealed Carry of Illinois was definitely the right choice! Not only is the training top-notch, but the location was great, safe, easy to get to and very comfortable! The cost of taking the class was MORE than worth it! Also, with the additional services, all I had to do after taking the class was wait for my CCL in the mail! Thank you Brian!! Keep up the great work!!

Patrick P Glenview, IL - Nov 28, 2015

I took the two day course with Concealed Carry of Illinois and was truly impressed. I have taken other firearms classes including a three day course with the Smith and Wesson Academy. I would say that the course that Brian presented was head and shoulders above the rest. Brian presented all the material in an extremely patient and professional manner.

I would recommend this course to anyone interested in applying for their concealed carry permit.

Harry Chicago, IL - Nov 26, 2015

Finished the "Complete 16 Hour Concealed Carry of Illinois Class" and was impressed with every aspect of my experience.  I highly recommend this class.
1. Our instructor, Brian, was extremely knowledgeable of the material on firearm safety and the Concealed Carry Law of Illinois.  He presented the material in a way that is easy to understand and remember and was happy to answer all questions.  Class members had a variety of experiences, from novice to expert, but everyone was engaged during class and participated.  Brian ensured everyone understood the material, was comfortable with the different types of firearms available, stances and holsters.  We were even able to practice our aim in class, by shooting a laser light at cans.

2. Materials were presented in an easy to understand manner.  Brian had sample firearms to examine, so if you do not own one yet, it is a good opportunity to see what is available, and how the firearm operates.

3. At the range test, our instructor stepped us through the entire process.  Class participants are responsible for purchasing their own supplies, but the class instructors assisted everyone to ensure they had what they needed, including ammo, target, eyeglasses and ear protection.  They made sure each class member understood what was required to pass the range test and made it a pleasant experience.

4. Facility for training was also first class with a large room, good use of videos and an excellent restaurant.  They also bring someone in who facilitates the application for obtaining a license, including fingerprinting.

Bob Skokie , IL - Oct 20, 2015

Brian is an excellent instructor. Although I already had extensive experience with firearms, you can always learn something new. Brian takes the time to make sure that you do not leave the class until you have a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of marksmanship, weapons safety, and the law regarding Illinois CCW and the responsibility it entails. If you are considering getting an Illinois CCW license, I highly recommend getting your training from Brian and Conceal Carry of Illinois.