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Gary Edmonds Glenview, IL - Apr 5, 2017

EXCELLENT class. Brian is superb as an instructor. Learned an immense amount about the safety in handling a firearm.

Adam Skokie, IL - Mar 30, 2017

Concealed Carry of Illinois delivered a above and beyond experience! The CCL two day class was super informative and provided me with info that I thought I had already known. I was dreading sitting through a 16 hour course and when I was done I could not believe how the time just flew by. Brian was a super engaged instructor and kept the class very involved. I would recommend CCI to anyone looking to secure their CCL. I would also look into additional training courses they offer that would address any deficiencies that you may be questioning yourself on.

Jon L Northbrook, IL - Mar 30, 2017

Brian was a great instructor and the class was very informative! Honestly, I didn't know what to expect going into the class. I was pleasantly surprised to find the class very engaging and the time flew by. I'm very happy with choosing this class and would recommend it to anyone thinking getting a CCL.


my ccl class with brian was the most professional, informative,comprehensive, and pleasureable that i could have experienced.! his knowledge and mastery was excellent..all students were as impressed as i was. i have spoken to several friends who took course with other instructors and was told they did not demonstrate and inform them near as well as brians class. i will recommend brian to any friends that ask who and where to go for great class and instruction. he made all students feel comfortable and enthusiastic. the results showed in groups final high grades on all tests. brian kossof is a stellar example of his position. i am humbled and extremely impressed. thanks for the great experience....butch kosoy.

David R. Wilmette, IL - Feb 6, 2017

I took Brian's course with my son as a birthday present in February 2017. What a great experience! Brian is the perfect combination of professionalism and meticulous attention to safety and to detail, but he still makes the class really enjoyable. His emphasis on the gravity and responsibility that comes with a CCL predominates his course (even if he throws in a little humor), and it is especially heartening to know that the professionals that the Illinois State Police vest with this awesome responsibility take their role very seriously. There are no shortcuts or corners cut in Brian's class, but is is well worth the time to get comfortable with all aspects of the licensing process and ultimately with the the privilege and responsibility of carrying a concealed firearm. Thank you, Brian!

Dave Northbrook, IL - Feb 6, 2017

Brian's 16 hour CCW class was a valuable learning experience. Brian covers a lot of information in a not a lot of time. He keeps the class engaged and interested. Brian relays the importance of clear minded decision making by discussing both hypothetical and real life scenarios, the importance of situational awareness and technique. After this class you will have a better perspective of both the benefits of self defense and the very large responsibility that comes with it. The class room environment is open and comfortable. The free flow of student questions and Brian's open and honest answers keep the lessons interesting and informative. Safety, pistol grip, shooting technique and performance, holstering and drawing techniques have all improved. I recommend this class to any fire arm owner.

Pam Allen Lisle, IL - Jan 24, 2017

Wonderful experience, very informative. This past weekend my time and money was well spent. I'm extremely glad I chose Concealed Carry of Illinois with Brian Kossof as my instructor. Most might think 16 hours in a classroom setting would be very exhausting, that's not the case in Brian's class. His lecture and videos on gun safety, laws and how to use was very informative. The facility where the class is held was an upscale hotel conference room with very comfortable seating, tables and lighting. I was the only female in a class of 14 and I never felt uncomfortable from the start of class on day 1 to the end of class on day 2. That's how professional Brian runs his class.and you have fun learning too.. Brian gets everyone in the class acquainted and he will answer all your questions and will repeat information if you need it. The knowledge Brian has will help you understand why it's very necessary to attend a class and not just any class but his class. I heard my closest friend talk about their training from other CCW classes and I can truly say, it wasn't enough. Brian teaches you lessons on the safety, the laws and then how you can gain information about your rights followed by techniques. "BULLSEYE" is your range experience.. In a private setting free from inhaling gun smoke its just you and your classmates . I never ever hit a bullseye and thanks to Brian's skills, I did. I recommend Concealed Carry of Illinois to anyone who wants to obtain their Illinois Concealed Carry Licence. The Knowledge, Skills and Ability (KSA) to own and defend yourself, family and business with confidence starts in a class with Brian Kossof of Concealed Carry of Illinois. Thank You Brian!

Randy N Deerfield, IL - Jan 9, 2017

I received my FOID card a few months ago and started going to the range. I wish I would have taken the basic pistol class at that time. I just completed the Complete Pistol Class and would highly recommend it to anyone. Brian is a great instructor and was awesome explaining the course material and ANY questions that arose during instruction. The learning environment is very laid back and non intimidating. Brian keeps the course interesting with videos, props and a good sense of humor. If you are thinking about how to safely use your current or new gun, or getting a conceal and carry permit, this is the place to do it. You will not be disappointed.

Chris B Lake Forest, IL - Dec 14, 2016

Honestly, for a long time I wanted to get my concealed carry license, but I dreaded the idea of dedicating two days out of my weekend to take the 16 hour Complete Pistol Class. But I must say, after only the first hour of class with Brian, it was apparent to me that the information I was receiving was extremely important for any individual who owns or intends to operate a firearm safely, effectively, and lawfully. Brian is remarkably knowledgeable about firearms, and his depth of understanding as well as enthusiasm was conveyed very clearly over the course of the class. If you own or intend to purchase a firearm and the idea of carrying a concealed firearm on or about your person still seems unusual, then I would still suggest taking this class anyway because anyone who owns a firearm should at least have the option to carry it and understand how to do so in a safe and lawful manner.

Ed Adams Buffalo Grove, IL - Nov 26, 2016

I recently had the pleasure of taking the CCW class with Brian Kossof. Brian is an amazing instructor and can tailor his message to all experience levels. Brian took the time to answer all questions that the class had and ensured that everyone had a full understanding of class material and even provided us with some of his own insights as well. The class was engaging and informative and I would highly recommend Brian to anyone looking to obtain their conceal carry permit or to learn more about firearms. A true wealth of knowledge and an amazing instructor!

Allison Chicago, IL - Nov 7, 2016

The CCOI class was the best! Mr. Brian Kossof is a most engaging and knowledgable instructor. He was very helpful to people of all levels of firearm mastery. He helps with the legal language, confidence-building and comprehension of different situations in which you will benefit by legally carrying a concealed firearm. He made the material interesting and fun. Another really great part of taking the class with Brian is that the application documents and fingerprinting are completed in class, so you don't have to go to multiple places to complete the application process. I would give this class my highest recommendation!

Jeff H Gurnee, IL - Nov 5, 2016

My wife and I attended Brian's class. He was knowledgeable, informative and patient. He was able to combine the severity of having such a responsibility with lighthearted banter that made the class go by nicely. If you are considering a CCP class, I would recommend taking his class. You can't go wrong.

Terry C Chicago, IL - Oct 27, 2016

I signed up for this class after searching high and low around the area. This was a great class to attend. Brian was knowledgeable and detailed with the information. He also gave up tips abt certains guns and situation awareness. This is a one time stop class. They completed EVERYTHING on site to include fingerprints and the state application. Im prior military so all I needed was my DD214 and the one day class. To carry in IL is very expensive compared to other states, hopefully the prices are cheaper in the future. Because of the convenience of everythg this was the most resaonable place to go. Thanks.

Michael Karkalis Skokie, IL - Oct 23, 2016

It took me a year to find someone, thank God I found Brian, this conceal carry class I highly recommend its informative by providing knowledge, technique, and good humor. I was very excited to see that brian took his time to answer any questions and make sure that everyone understood the laws. I highly recommend taking their course! 

Brain Thank You

Jason Pucci Northbrook, IL - Sep 21, 2016

Brian was an excellent and patient instructor who is very dedicated to his students. The class was thorough and well done. The facilities were top notch. Everything about the class was five stars. I would recommend this to anyone interested in taking the course.

Humair Imam IL - Aug 23, 2016


I would like to start out by saying thank you Brian for an excellent class and an amazing training experience.  

Before choosing a conceal and carry instructor, I conducted a lot of research to see who would be the best choice based on the experience, patience, and knowledge that would help me understand the true essence of conceal and carry practice; Brian Kossof of Concealed and Carry of Illinois stood out as the best instructor Illinois has to offer.  Brian’s rankings are excellent, his social media presence is strong, and he has put a lot of work into his training program.

Brian spent fifteen minutes answering my questions over the phone, he provided objective data regarding the clientele he has helped with conceal and carry and how they still come back to him for advice.  I was concerned about the right gun that I should carry to protect myself, my family, and the safety mechanisms’ to apply to protect our children from gaining access to the guns.  Brian made the process incredibly easy and took extra steps many other instructors usually don't which they should, such as get a firearms attorney, biometric gun safes, types of belts and much more.

Brian's instruction class blew me away, his hard work and knowledge of what it takes to be a conceal and carry holder really pays off, he makes you recognize the need to protect yourself but also the responsibility of conceal and carry.  I highly recommend Brian Kossof of Concealed and Carry of Illinois to any and everyone I know, Brian is a true professional and a genuinely amazing guy. Plus, he loves to eat great food; we had lunch at Jameson's Char House - excellent food and company.   Brian is very open minded, respectful of other cultures and religions, he can get along with anyone by finding their comfort zones.  I appreciate all the time and effort for the instructional conceal and carry class.

Victor R. Elgin, IL - Jul 28, 2016

I signed up for the training to gain more understanding about firearm safe handling. I've only been a gun owner for about a year and though what I learned are from watching YouTube videos ( I know what other people think about learning from YouTube, and I am very selective as to which videos I referenced, but I did learned a lot). But of course nothing beats hands on experience. Our trainer Brian was very knowledgeable and was not afraid to share his experience on firearms. Class was fun and informative. The 2 days course went by very quick. Make sure you take notes though since a lot of information was presented. The class setting was great, I love the fact that its at a nice hotel conference room and the class wasn't very large, it gives you a chance to interact. The application for carry permit was a breeze, they pretty much did everything for you (if you're interested on applying for FL permit, make sure you take down note on how to do it, Brian will share that information also) I highly recommend Brian and CCWIL LLC to those who would like to acquire their carry permit or just to learn more about basic handling of firearms.

Zack Deerfield, IL - Jul 15, 2016

Everything about this ccw class was awesome. The class size was kept small in order to give each student individual attention both in the classroom as well as the range. Brian is an awesome instructor who teaches his students a lot about conceal carry as well as firearm safety. I would highly reccomend this course to anyone who is looking for a great class and great instructor. There are not many locations in the northern suburbs to take your ccw training but this was very convenient and the 2 days flew by.

Scott T. Vernon Hills, IL - Jul 11, 2016

I attended this past weekend’s 16-hour course with instructor Brian Kossof.  Brian keeps his class size small and offers a very casual and comfortable setting in a hotel conference room.  In addition to presenting the compulsory CCW coursework in an easy-to-digest manner, Brian differentiates himself by also spending time on each student’s specific firearm and shares his knowledge and experiences with a number of different firearm platforms.  Fingerprinting and permit filing services were also made available during the course, if you so choose.  Great experience.   

Paul Szczepanczyk Northbrook, IL - Jun 29, 2016

I thoroughly enjoyed taking Brian's class and I learned a lot more than I expected to. It was a great classroom environment and everybody received a personal teaching experience. I encourage anyone to take his class if they are looking for the best CCL class experience available. I will definitely be taking Brian's class for renewing my CCL as well as any additional training I ever decide on.